“I will not delete without reading anything that comes to me from The Center  for Healthy Churches. Bill Wilson is one of America’s great thought leaders about the church and his emails are a primary source for keeping me informed. Dr. Wilson has a broad and deep understanding of the Christian church in America and has a way of distilling his knowledge into clear, readable wisdom. I will keep the Center for Healthy Churches bookmarked to stay current.”

Dr. Dock Hollingsworth
Pastor, Second Ponce DeLeon Baptist Church, Atlanta GA

Bill Wilson sees the array of possible futures for the American Church with a clarity sharpened by the fact he loves the Body of Christ and hopes for it. Bill’s life is given in service to the best and most authentic life of that Body in each of its particular incarnations.”

Dr. Gary Gunderson
Vice President, FaithHealth, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

“What impresses me most about The Center for Healthy Churches is the way Bill Wilson and his team use their understanding of pastors and churches to help congregations see better, bigger, more Christlike possibilities than they saw before. When church leaders are looking for advice, recommending they talk with Bill Wilson is the best guidance I give.”

Dr. Brett Younger
McAfee School of Theology, Atlanta GA

“The more things change, the more they remain the same.” What in other contexts might be a cynical statement is, in this case, a truism that gives confidence. Bill Wilson will head The Center for Healthy Churches, newly named but same as always focused on helping congregations become all they can be. This is good news for anyone who knows Bill or the Center, because they know church.

Rev. Dr. George A. Mason
Senior Pastor, Wilshire Baptist Church, Dallas TX

“The Center for Congregational Health has been a trusted partner for years. Bill Wilson has shared in that trust and been an extension of our ministry. We are pleased that he has embarked on this new chapter of his calling. He knows congregational ministry and brings a tool kit to help you move towards a more healthy congregation.”

Bo Prosser, Ed. D.
Ministries Coordinator, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Atlanta GA

“Bill Wilson is one of the most polished, down-to-earth, and wise leaders I know.  He reads congregations like a book. His tactical and strategic advice for churches and leaders is sound and practical. Beyond quick and simplistic answers, Bill leads churches toward systemic and sustainable solutions. I have encouraged many churches to connect with him and look forward to new opportunities with the Center for Healthy Churches to expand this work. I want Bill in as many of our churches as possible!”

Dr. John P. Chandler, Leader, Spence Network, Richmond VA
Pulpit Committee Consulting

“From the fall of 2009 through December 31, 2013, Bill served as the President of the Center for Congregational Health, and I served on the Board of Directors of the CCH. For the past eighteen months, I have served as the Chairman of the Board of the CCH, and during that time I have worked and communicated on a regular and consistent basis with Bill. Also, during the period from November, 2011 through December, 2012, I served as the Team Leader of the Ardmore Baptist Church Pastor Search Team (“PST”). Bill was a consultant to the Pastor Search Team and thus I had the pleasure of working with him in that capacity.

Bill’s advice and counsel to the Ardmore Baptist PST was instrumental and invaluable in our successful search for a senior pastor at Ardmore. Bill is also done great work as a counselor and advisor to church congregations on many issues, and especially to those churches experiencing internal conflict. He has helped and led these congregations to respectfully confront, address and begin to heal such conflicts. He is dedicated, committed and called to that service. It is a worthy calling.

I am excited about Bill’s role as the Director of “The Center for Health Churches,” where he will have the opportunity to continue consulting and helping restore spiritual health to church congregations so they can more effectively carry out their mission of building God’s Kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven.”

H. David Niblock. Esq.
Winston-Salem NC