Clergy Client

My coach, Mike Gregg, through pointed conversation and non-judgmental support, has helped me start to focus my dreams. He quickly distinguished a coaching style specific to my needs in order to push me beyond the "I don't knows" in my way.

Clergy client

Working with Mike Gregg as my coach over the past 18 months has been such a blessing.  With his guidance the power of coaching (listening, asking good questions) has helped me grow both professionally as well as personally helping me to become a better husband, father, and minister.

College Administrator

The conversations with my coach, Joel Snider, have given me great tools to help as I work with very different personalities on our campus. Being prepared with the right questions and rehearsing how best to use them lends clarity to meetings and the types of hard conversations one occasionally has to have with colleagues or direct reports.

Clergy Client

My coaching experience with Joel Snider was invaluable. He allowed me to grow into my identity as a pastor with confidence. Dr. Snider wonderfully balances coaching with both affirmation and challenge, which enabled me to mature in my ministry appropriately.

Clergy Client

Tracy Hartman has been my go-to person for many years when personal and professional challenges arise, and she always knows how to ask the right question at the right time to guide me through the process of self-discovery to help me be a better person and minister.  Tracy has the heart of a coach as she listens to your story and encourages with wisdom and sincerity.  She has a wonderful gift of caring for the “whole person” while bringing together theology, practical ministry, and spiritual direction in her conversations.  My life and ministry are always more focused after a conversation with Tracy.

The Reverend Dr. John P. Chandler, Leader, Spence Network

Having worked with many leadership coaches over the years, I can say with confidence that Dan Elash is the most effective coach I know.  I have sent dozens of leaders to Dan in recent years and enjoy getting reports of his transformational work with them.  He helps people change behaviors in clear ways that result in measurable changes for the better.  In fact, my confidence in Dan is so high that I have trusted him as my own leadership coach for nearly five years.  He has made a huge difference in my life and leadership.  I recommend him without reservation and with highest confidence.

Dr. John Senior, Assistant Professor of the Practice of
 Religion and Society, Wake Forest Divinity School

Endorsement for Bill Wilson with regard to teaching: "Bill Wilson knows how to teach the practice of good ministry. In his seminars on time management with our students at Wake Forest School of Divinity, Bill not only teaches the nuts and bolts of effective time management. He digs deeper to show that time management follows from an honest and realistic assessment of one's most fundamental goals and commitments, the stuff of healthy ministry. He is skillful in getting to know his audience and relating his presentation to their particular interests and concerns."

Dock Hollingsworth, former Assistant Dean at McAfee School of Theology

Endorsement for Bill Wilson with regard to teaching: For the last five years, I invited my friend Bill Wilson to guest lecture in my Leadership class at the McAfee School of Theology. I want credit here for being thick skinned - because my course evaluation always marked his lecture as the highlight of the course. Imagine how difficult it is to hear year after year that your best class was the one where you invited a guest! Dr. Bill Wilson is magical as a teacher/presenter. I continue to invite him because of what I learn about effective teaching.


Endorsement for coach Mike Hendley: I have known Mike Hendley for 17 years. In that time, he has shown unparalleled professionalism. Mike is one that actively seeks learning opportunities to sharpen his skills. He possesses critical interpersonal and analytical skills, strong coaching and mentoring skills and solid human resource expertise. I have also witnessed his being a mentor to the "now" and the "next" generation. I trust Mike’s advice and would recommend him as an expert in his field.

Celeste A. Joseph
, 2014 Master of Arts Candidate in Religion and Feminist Theory
, Claremont School of Theology

Endorsement for coach Mike Hendley:  I have had the very great opportunity of working with Mike Hendley in his capacity as a Coach. I can tell you that Mike's professionalism and personal ethic are above reproach. His ability to listen and to help bring the semblance of calm in a long, tedious, and often volatile setting were invaluable. One particular skill that impressed me is that Mike does not create a dependency on himself for the people he is working with. His ability to detach and maintain a reasoned trajectory while offering encouragement and critical thought is quite remarkable. Mike was also called on to be a negotiator and was able to maintain my client confidentiality even under pressure. I felt that Mike was "my" coach and that we were able to devise and implement a plan that allowed me do all that I needed to do with more grace than I ever could have mustered alone. I highly recommend that you retain his services and use his gifts and talents often and with confidence. 

Heather Entrekin, Central Seminary, KS

When Central Baptist Seminary established a faculty position in congregational health three years ago, the first place we turned for advice, resources, and support was the Center for Congregational Health. Bill Wilson welcomed and encouraged us, providing strategic insights and connections that helped to shape and strengthen our program. We turned to Bill again as we looked for faculty to teach in a new doctor of ministry program in congregational health. He developed and taught a course on entrepreneurial leadership out of his years of pastoral and organizational experience along, scholarship, deep commitment to enabling the church to be faithful to its calling, and enthusiasm for effective theological education. Needless to say, he was an outstanding teacher. We are excited about the potential of the new Center for Healthy Churches. With Bill at the helm, there will be many fresh opportunities for serving and transforming the church as it serves the purposes of God for our day.

Doug Turnmire, Pastor, Young’s Chapel Baptist Church, Mouth of Wilson, Virginia

When I enrolled in the Doctor of Ministry program at McAfee School of Theology, I was required to consult with a ministry coach for three semesters.  I thought, “What is a ministry coach and why do I need one?  I’ve been a pastor for twenty years with the same congregation!”  God’s providence brings us unexpected guests into our lives for a purpose.  My initial resistance quickly melted.  I began looking forward to regular conversations with Bill Wilson.  His coaching assisted me as I untied knotty problems that surfaced as the D.Min. program required me to reflect on the context of my community of faith.  The professional growth I have experienced over the last three years is in a large part due to Bill’s “pregnant” questions.  Those questions provided me confidence to enunciate answers that continue to make a difference in my ministry and the life of the church.  Experiencing coaching with Bill came at the chairos time in my journey.  Thanks Coach Wilson!