Search Committee Coaching


Cindy Cave, 
Pastor Search Committee, Co-Chair Farmville Baptist Church

In August 2012, Farmville Baptist Church began its search for a new pastor. The FIRST and WISEST step the Pastor Search Committee took was to contract the services of Bill Wilson, President of the Center for Congregational Health, to guide us through. Initially, Bill met with us to present his five (5) stage pastor search process. He emphasized that the completion of each stage was necessary to get to the next one. While we were all anxious to “get to the resumes”, Bill kept us focused on building the foundation before that. In other words, we needed to recognize, verbalize and market who Farmville Baptist was before we could attract the right fit for us. Although it took six (6) months to create our Church Profile, it was the critical piece in establishing the Pastor Profile by which all candidates were measured, and by which we selected the “right fit” for Farmville Baptist Church. Looking back, our eleven (11) month search consisted of many long hours of study, preparation and activity which Bill Wilson was instrumental in guiding and mentoring. My favorite scripture, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” (Proverbs 3:5-6), was a constant reminder that the Lord places timely guiding forces in our lives. For us, that force was Bill Wilson.

Lynne Felton, Chair

I had the privilege of serving as Chair of the Pastor Search Committee for Smoke Rise Baptist Church in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and we made the good decision to select Bill Wilson as our search consultant. We worked closely with Bill over a period of approximately one year. We were extremely pleased with the service which Bill offered to our Search Committee, and the process he designed resulted in calling a very fine person to be Pastor of the church, a person who has been an excellent fit for us. In the opinion of our Search Committee, Bill Wilson was essential to the success of our search. He brought with him a great deal of knowledge about how churches work, and the process which needs to be followed in order to select the right person for an important position. He led us through a church-wide process of evaluating where we were as a congregation so we would be better suited to search for a qualified candidate. Bill was tireless in the work he did for us, and we came to rely on his knowledge and wisdom. Bill is responsive to the needs of his clients, he presents himself well to congregations and other constituencies, he is clear in how he guides the committee through the search process, and he brings with him a wealth of experience. We could not be more pleased than to have had Bill Wilson as our consultant.

Darrell Thompson, Chair, Pastor Search Committee of FBC Tallahassee FL

The First Baptist Church of Tallahassee, Florida had not gone through a pastor search process for almost twenty years, and the only thing more valuable during our search process than the leadership of Dr. Bill Wilson was the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Your expertise, advice, written materials, knowledge, prayer and experience were invaluable to me and the Pastor Search Committee.  Your knowledge and training combined with your background as a pastor provides you with unique insight into the pastor search process and other church related issues.  Your training, examples, emails, phone calls, facilitation of meetings and services, input, guidance, and genuine concern gave our committee and church the confidence and ability to move ahead efficiently and effectively with our search process.  I strongly endorse the services of Dr. Wilson and his team to any church in need of their services!  Thank you and may God richly bless your new organization.

Ann Millard, Transition Team, Chair, First Baptist Church Wilmington, NC

When our beloved pastor of 25 years decided to retire, we engage the leadership of Bill Wilson to guide us through our transition process and our search for a new pastor.  We viewed ourselves as a “healthy” church; however’ time and again, with Bill’s expertise, he kept us from making unhealthy decisions.  He was always available to guide us whenever we needed his advice.  His leadership at our 5 Congregational Conversations made them fun and inviting for the participants while enabling the Transition Team to collect valuable data for our church profile.  When our search team finally recommended a candidate for our new pastor, we all knew that this was the person that God intended for First Baptist Church.