Rev. Dan Carlton, Pastor of Downtown Baptist Church, Alexandria VA

Dan Elash combines grace and truth in a way that helps individuals and churches reach forward to a new day.  He is able to bring a wealth of experience in the corporate and non-profit world in dealing with the unique challenges of churches. I never had a meeting with Dan that didn’t create a game changing moment.

Mr. Jim Morgan, CEO Krispy Kreme Inc., Member, Providence Baptist, Charlotte NC

The Center for Healthy Churches is a resource of which all ministers and congregations should be aware. It is headed up by Dr. Bill Wilson, a man that I have known personally for over 30 years. Dr. Wilson has established himself as a true expert at shepherding both individual  ministers and congregations toward a period of greater spiritual and/or organizational health . The Center for Healthy Churches is not simply another consulting group, it represents a source of resolution and peace in a world that so often brings chaos into the lives of churches and their staff.

Ron Crawford, President, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond

Bill Wilson may be America’s foremost authority on local congregational life.  He knows congregational life and he has lived it across a distinguished career as a pastor and, in recent years, as a consultant and helper (equipper, etc.) of local churches.  Growing out of his service as President of the Center for Congregational Health, Bill’s new Center for Healthy Churches will be an even more effective and helpful resource for churches and ministers.  There is no better help for churches than Bill Wilson and the Center for Healthy Churches.

Dr. Jeff Roberts, Senior Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church Raleigh

I am delighted to know the valuable assistance of the Center for Congregational Health will continue through the work of the Center for Healthy Churches under the direction of Dr. Bill Wilson.  Dr. Wilson and others have assisted our congregation and staff as we continue to strive to be a healthy congregation.  I look forward to working with this new ministry endeavor and recommend their counsel and training for churches and ministers in every stage of church life.

The Rev. Mark Ogren, Director of Congregational Development The Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church

Over the past 27 years, I have witnessed the fruitful ministry of Bill Wilson. From leading three separate congregations as lead pastor to now serving as a consultant and coach, Bill has demonstrated his love for God and his love for the body of Christ. Bill calls out the best in people and I was always energized and inspired to work beside him.

Rev. William J. Key, MMBB

Bill Wilson and the Center for Healthy Churches will address the future needs of the Church by providing resources and solutions filled with hope, integrity and commitment.  Bill Wilson has the vision and experience to guide this new Center toward excellence, credibility, and significance.  He is a leader who not only sees where the Church needs to go, but he is willing to assist others be the Church through missions, Christian education, preaching, and evangelism. I am confident the Center for Healthy Churches will grow exponentially as it meets the ever-increasing need for churches to relate spiritually, emotionally, and Biblically as the people of God.

Stephen H. Cook, Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Memphis TN

In a time of unprecedented change for congregations and their leaders, the Center for Healthy Churches brings fresh perspectives and creative leadership born out of a lifelong commitment to serving the Church.  Those of us who serve in the local congregation look for the insights and perspectives of a Center like this that will help guide our thinking and fuel our passions for the work of the Church in the world.

Dr. John P. Chandler, Leader, Spence Network

Bill Wilson is one of the most polished, down-to-earth, and wise leaders I know.  He reads congregations like a book.  His tactical and strategic advice for churches and leaders is sound and practical.  Beyond quick and simplistic answers, Bill leads churches toward systemic and sustainable solutions.  I have encouraged many churches to connect with him and look forward to new opportunities with the Center for Healthy Churches to expand this work.  I want Bill in as many of our churches as possible!