Congregational Planning/Visioning


L. Ted Smith, Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Cartersville, GA

Bill Wilson worked personally with our congregation as we were asking the question, ‘What next?’ We had completed a capital and building campaign and were seeking God’s direction for our future. Bill did an excellent work with us helping us discern, in a process-oriented way, where God was calling us. Through a series of congregational dialogues, he guided us to identify those strengths we could build on and the end result was a strategic vision called “Imagine 2020.” This became a working document for our church committees and Session that has resulted in measurable achievements in ministry. Bill was very hands-on and made numerous visits with our church staff and leadership team. He was a true partner in the process and not simply an advisor. I would recommend Bill Wilson and his team to any church that is planning for God’s future for their mission.

Jon R. Roebuck, Sr. Pastor, Woodmont Baptist, Nashville

Like most older, mainline, traditional, congregations, Woodmont Baptist Church has struggled over the past few years to maintain vibrancy, relevancy, and growth.  It became apparent to our church leadership that a study of "who we are and where we are going," would be a vital piece in helping our church to forge her way into a bright future.  As we began looking for a consultant to help with such a task, we wanted to find someone who was sensitive to our heritage, visionary about strategy, and above all, someone whom our congregation would trust.  We were not looking for someone to simply roll in and give us all the answers.  We wanted an advocate who would join us in our discussions and offer counsel & advice without being overbearing.  We found Bill Wilson to be the perfect fit.  Bill encouraged us, challenged us, and changed us.  His process helped us to develop a multi-faceted strategy that has given us clear insight and meaningful goals as we move toward the future.  As a congregation, we are indebted to Bill and his leadership as we continue to dream new dreams and carry forth our ministry.

Jamie Dunham, Deacon Chair and co-chair of R3, our re-visioning team

Bill Wilson has been an incredible friend, mentor and guide for Woodmont Baptist Church.  Through his appreciative inquiry process, we were able to lead our church through a period of re-visioning and rethinking.  Having Bill, both an experienced facilitator and a former pastor, made the process effective and Spirit-led.  He was able to engage with our group frequently - personally, in Town Hall meetings, via Skype conference calls and online.  Through the re-visioning process, we activated about half of our members to get involved with teams focused on worship, Bible Study, leadership, outreach, community involvement and PLACE, a gifts assessment for ministry.  Our church has started a new college program, a new weekday worship service, a ministry with our local high school, new Bible studies and updated our communications.  We have also reorganized our deacon body to include a new Deacon Administrative Committee to help with the administration of committees and business of the church, and invigorated our deacon body to pursue ministry to our congregation. We have new individuals coming into our church and we have a new positive attitude towards reaching our community for Christ.  The most important part of this process has been the personal growth of our body of believers and learning to reach outside our church. Change is not easy.  But we have begun to change with grace and guidance.

Dr. Robert Baker, Calvary Baptist Church, Lexington VA

In the fall of 2011 and the spring of 2012, Dr. Bill Wilson served as our church’s consultant in a church wide congregational visioning process. Under Bill’s superb leadership, our congregation was enabled: 1) to reflect on our church’s history as a means of identifying the core values that constitute the current “DNA” of our church; 2) to examine and evaluate present church programs and ministries in terms of their effectiveness in “carrying and living out” our mission statement; and 3) to project a “vision plan” designed to guide our church in being the church that God is calling us to be in the future. Dr. Wilson was extremely well received and well liked by our church family. The “visioning plan” which our church developed under Bill’s leadership continues to benefit and guide our church today. Dr. Wilson is a gifted preacher/teacher/communicator. His ability to facilitate small group and congregational meetings – in which each person is encouraged to give his or her input – is second to none! Above all, Dr. Wilson loves the local church, has a pastor’s heart, and genuinely desires each and every congregation with whom he consults to discover and fulfill its God-given potential. I value Dr. Wilson’s friendship and his much-needed ministry to churches. I enthusiastically recommend him and his work through The Center for Healthy Churches to your congregation!