Critical help at the right time—the Center offers professional guidance to congregations that are facing both challenges and opportunities.

plant in hands - grass backgroundCongregations face intense pressure as they embrace life in the 21st century. When trying to determine best overall courses of action, or how to respond effectively to change, congregations find that our impartial but interested perspective can provide important direction and encouragement.

Through consultation, we help churches face a variety of challenges from both inside and outside the congregation. Consultants are trained in helping staffs, deacons, boards, elders, councils, or other leadership groups during these challenges.

Our consultants assist congregations in developing a process that engages many people in the discovery of solutions. If your church feels uncertain or conflicted, we can help you with these core services:

  1. Spiritual Discernment and Planning: Congregations often lose sight of their divine mission and purpose. Rekindling that call and designing a path toward full engagement with it is central to what the Center offers churches.
  2. Sharing a clear mission and purpose is at the heart of a healthy congregation.
  3. We offer thoughtful guidance around a multitude of church staffing issues, such as alignment, structure, or teamwork.
  4. Conflict resolution is a frequent request, and CHC consultants are experienced and skilled at helping create redemptive solutions to difficult issues.
  5. Leadership team clarity and cohesion is a predictor of health and effectiveness for a church.
  6. Healthy communication strategies are essential for a healthy church in the 21st century.
  7. Leadership transitions present congregations with a window of opportunity to enhance the health of the congregation.
  8. Congregational transitions are rich with opportunities if appropriately navigated.