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A REAL Magic Wand

Our five-year-old granddaughter recently shared with her parents her Christmas wish list. Leading off, was this simple request: “a REAL magic wand”. She’s serious about this. She also asked for “a real fort”. We’re enjoying watching this exchange from a distance. Her parents are comin
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Dr. Bill Wilson is the founder of the Center for Healthy Churches Thanksliving. Grady Nutt introduced us to this delightful word in his epic book Agaperos a generation ago. In each chapter he blended two ideas into one integrated and complete whole. In doing so, he taught us to play h
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Evangelism Implosion

Dr. Bill Wilson is the founder of the Center for Healthy Churches It’s time to talk about the obvious: We have a problem with evangelism. Let me explain what I mean. “We”: all of us, regardless of theology, denomination, setting, or worship style are struggling with this issue. I work
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A Change Is Gonna Come, But What Kind?

I once heard someone describe one of the major differences between every generation of human beings that lived before us and our own generation as being rooted in how we experience the relationship between stability and change. “For most of human history,” he said, “people’s lives wer
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More Wednesdays, Fewer Thursdays

How quickly our conversations can go from theoretical to all-too-real. On Wednesday, I spent a rewarding day in Tennessee on a retreat with 45 ministers and staff members thinking through the unique and profound pressures of ministry in the 21st century. We agreed that, while it is no
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Endings and Beginnings

I write these words in the midst of a most unusual week. The first part of the week was spent in the home of my deceased parents. Their house is for sale, most of the furniture has now been divided up among family members, but there is still “stuff” to go through. In the stark quiet o
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Everyone Needs to Go to Arabia

One of the pressing concerns of 21st century individual and congregational spiritual life is the question of depth. To be blunt, there isn’t much. Study after study has revealed the sad truth that much of what we call faith and commitment is actually a thin veneer of religious rituali
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Pastor Appreciation Month: How to Make Your Pastor’s Day

Barry Howard CHC Coach Senior Pastor at the First Baptist Church of Pensacola, Florida Last week, as more and more cards and notes appeared in my inbox, in my mailbox, and on my desk, all thanking me for serving as their minister, I began to wonder if someone had announced my retireme
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What do the Bylaws Say?

By Dr. Mike Queen Co-Coordinator Center for Healthy Churches-Carolinas There are people in every church who are fearful that without adequate bylaws to govern everything that happens in the church, the wheels will surely come off the bus and lead to disaster. It doesn’t have to be tha
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